Dangerous Chemistry: A Body Swap Story

An accident in the lab finds student and professor swapped in this sexy adventure.

Tyler just wanted a better grade. Instead he finds himself getting a deeper look at the most intimidating professor on campus. And damn if that look isn't deeply erotic.

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About the Book

Tyler wants to ask the most intimidating and sexy professor on campus for a better grade. It’s his unfortunate luck that he chooses the middle of an experiment to sneak into her lab. When the whole thing blows up, Tyler finds himself swapped with the sexy professor.

Angry, she sends him away so she can work on the cure. He’s supposed to stay hidden in her home, but she failed to mention her sexy lover might stop by. And it seems she had forgotten about the banquet she is required to attend where a handsome professor is waiting to try his luck. Tyler finds himself bouncing from sexy situation to sexy situation, overwhelmed by the new sensations and scared witless at what will happen when he has to explain what he’s been up to.

This 15k story includes a body swap between an older woman and her younger college student. There are multiple hot, sexy scenes when the gender swapped Tyler is willingly seduced by the men in the professor’s life. Also includes a final scene where you can find out what the professor did during her time as a man.

Genre: Body Swap
List Price: $2.99
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Dangerous Chemistry: A Body Swap Story
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.