Frustrated Folly: A Body Swap Story

The girl next door is always hot, but beware her mother.

College football star Rick, falls hard for the new girl next door. But she leads him around and teases him until he falls right into the open arms of her mother. She has longed for a virile young man, whose body she could steal!

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About the Book

When new neighbors move in, Rick finds his life turned around. Tracy is the new member of the university cheer squad. She is also the hottest woman Rick has ever seen. He falls instantly in lust, while she is cold. Even when she begins to thaw, he finds she stops at the worst moments.

Her mother is another issue. Melody is a cougar who loves flirting with Rick. Unlike Tracy, she seems more than willing to follow through.

Frustrated by Tracy’s teasing Rick falls into the arms of Melody and discovers she wanted his body, just not for what he hopped. She wanted to be him!

Stuck in life he doesn’t understand, what will Rick do when Melody’s husband comes home from his final deployment? Can he handle the Folly of his decisions?

This 15k story includes tease and denial, body swap between a hot young man and an older cougar, and, of course, hot, sweaty sex.

Genre: Body Swap
List Price: $2.99
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Frustrated Folly: A Body Swap Story
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.