Gen Swapped: Three Erotic Body Swap Stories

In these stories a man will get what he wants, but not in remotely the way he expected.

A woman who wants a younger body, an accident, and an experiment gone wrong, these three stories deliver erotic body swaps and the delightful consequences.

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About the Book

Three delightfully erotic stories of men exchanging their bodies with women through accident or malice. Find out what happens when they are stuck and placed in situations where their only option is to give in to the desire of their bodies or run. And what fun is running compared to sinfully indulging in pleasures of the flesh?

In Frustrated Folly Rick falls hard for his new neighbor, Tracy. But Tracy is a tease and she leaves him frustrated and an easy mark for her mother! Rick falls into the arms of Melody, but Melody wants Rick’s body for own, literally. She leaves him trapped in a middle aged, sexy body with a military husband about to come home for the first time in a year.

Poor Rick is about to discover the folly of allowing his frustration to rule his actions.

In Enthusiastic Measures Russel suffers a car accident, but wakes up in the body of the other woman! Her best friend quickly figures out something is wrong and insists that Russel carry through with the life she was going to live. Including marriage!

Caught in a battle of wills and stuck with raging arousal he doesn’t understand, will Russel let the life of the woman he is now go, or will he take every enthusiastic measure he can to make sure her life remains the same.

In Dangerous Chemistry Tyler is attracted to his cold as ice chemistry professor. When he schemes to meet her, he interrupts an experiment with explosive consequences!

The blown experiment leaves him in his professor’s body and she in his! Can he survive as his professor or will the temptations of arousal be too much?

Each story contains erotic adventures as the men explore a side of women they never expected to see.

Genre: Bundles
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Gen Swapped: Three Erotic Body Swap Stories
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.