Ghost Swappers: An Erotic Body Swap Story

A female ghost and a young man trade places.

A young woman died by accident in the 60s. Jeff gets the opportunity to give her peace, but it's not the way he expected.

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About the Book

A ghost from the 60s is stuck reliving the last hours of her life until a ghost hunter from the present accidentally body swaps with her!

Now the two are stuck not just in different bodies, but different genders.

All Jeff wanted to do was impress Melinda. They were friends and neither seemed able to move it beyond that. Still, Jeff helps her when she finally finds the perfect place to look for a ghost. There was no way he could have predicted he’d end up in the body of a 60s free love, sexpot. Nor, the way his new body would respond to the incredibly gorgeous men who knock on her door.

Britney died in the 60s. She was a free love and happy woman, until an accident left her looping through the same few hours of time. Her only respite: when living humans entered her house. But a haunted house is not one most people want to live in and Britney is alone for too long. When she is swapped into Jeff’s body, she doesn’t want to go back! And who can blame her? She’s alive again and though she prefers men, her new body finds Melinda irresistible.

Can Jeff and Britney find their way back?

Will Melinda figure out who Britney really is?

Are Jeff and Melinda doomed by a body swap to be nothing more than friends?

Find out in this sizzling short story of ghost hunting gone very wrong.

Contains a M2F and F2M body swap. Threesomes, MFM, and MF in 15k+ words.

Genre: Body Swap
List Price: $2.99
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Ghost Swappers: An Erotic Body Swap Story
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.