Identity Swapped: A Virtual to Reality Erotic Body Swap Story

Kyle is racing against time as he tries to save his wife and recover his lost body!

Detective Kyle Weeks discovers the truth behind the rumors that people were being body swapped in Virtual Reality. Now, he has to find his body, save his wife, and capture the bad guys, all before they can escape into the safety of the VR world.

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About the Book

Body swaps, stolen identities, werewolves and plenty of hot, swapped sex fill this 27k word Virtual to Reality story.

This is a stand-alone story set in my Virtual to Reality world, no other stories need be read to enjoy this one.

VR pods are the latest rage. And why not? The VR world has become a den of lust and consensual play that can’t be experienced in the real world. Fantasy, werewolves, vampires and chase scenes dominant the sexual play. It’s the ultimate playground for those who can afford it.

For some, like Lillian Bright, a wealthy, beautiful woman, VR provides the opportunity to safely engage in play that would be dangerous in real life. She knows her experience will be terrifying, but nothing prepared her for the savage pleasure awaiting her. Content and ready to return or even invest in the VR tech, she never bargained for what would happen when she tried to leave.

When Lillian’s body is found comatose in her VR pod, the Virtual Reality Investigative Department finally gets a chance to investigate a real VR crime. Not everyone is happy, especially the VR companies who prefer their version, Lillian had an undiagnosed medical condition that caused her accident.

But Kyle and Helena Weeks know better. Somebody caused Lillian’s coma and they are going to find out who, even if it leads into the VR world. The husband and wife detectives set off in pursuit of the truth and instead find themselves trapped in a musical chairs game of body swapping, where the last one without a body, just might not wake up!

Jumping between the VR world and the real world, Kyle and Helena discover that the body and soul are not as tied together as the VR companies claim. After a humiliating, yet devastatingly arousing encounter in VR, Kyle makes his way back to the real world, but not his body. He wakes up in his wife’s!

Kyle has only one hope, to catch up with the criminals who can restore him and more importantly, his wife, to their correct bodies. He’ll sacrifice anything to get her back, his virtue, his body, even the case. Kyle throws himself into sexual situations both virtual and real in a last-ditch effort to find his wife. Horrified, aroused, fulfilled and guilty, Kyle trades sex for answers and tries to pretend he isn’t enjoying every moment as a woman.

Can Kyle solve the mystery before the criminals disappear forever into the Virtual World with his wife? Can he save his wife before the cost becomes more than he can bear?

Genre: Body Swap
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Identity Swapped: A Virtual to Reality Erotic Body Swap Story
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.