Life of Bob: The Mild Mannered Seductress

Bob is too nice of a man, as a seductress...he falls a little short.

It was just supposed to be a contest. How was Bob supposed to know he was going to be transformed into a woman? And as long as he was a woman, it only made sense to use his seductive powers to make the contest fair. Right?

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About the Book

All Bob wanted to do was win the contest fairly. He never expected that to mean he would have to become a seductress! From a threesome with his wife and associate, to a run of sexual encounters he never imagined in his wildest fantasies, Bob experiences sex from a whole new outlook.

Bob attended the annual accountants conference every year. This year was different though. He was up for accountant of the year. It was a big honor and one he hoped to have a chance to win. But when he was working up his nerve to talk to the voters, he saw the truth; the other nominees intended to cheat.

Caught up in poorly cast magic, Bob transforms into a beautiful, young woman. While his wife works against the clock to find a way to change him back, Bob decided to use his new body in pursuit of fairness. Can he learn to master the art of seduction in time to save the contest? Or is he doomed to be nothing more than a happy slut?

This 18k story includes a m2f transformation, a f2m transformation, threesomes of many varieties, MF, FF, and many scenes of hot, sex.

Genre: Gender Transformation
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Life of Bob: The Mild Mannered Seductress
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.