Something Old Swapped Marriage Book 1

Romantic and sexy, two friends accidently swap bodies and find the love of their lives. Now how do they keep it?

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About the Book

Andy sets his best friend Teresa up with his boss. However, when he accidentally swaps bodies with Teresa, he finds himself going on the date in her stead and suddenly discovers he has feelings for his boss.

If only the date had been a simple dinner and movie, he would have been ok, but no. Peter had to ask Teresa to a black-tie event. So not only is Andy stuck in a woman’s body, lusting after his boss, but he has to spend much of the night right in Peter’s arms, inhaling his scent, feeling his strong muscles and looking into his beautiful eyes.

Confused about being a woman and the feelings of lust flooding him every time he looks at his date, will Andy find a way back to his body in time? Or will he agree to go home with Peter, to have what should have been an impossible night.

This 16k story includes solo exploration, body swapping (m2f, f2m), dressing up and an erotic filled night. Plus a scorching epilogue where you can find out how Teresa spent her time in man’s body.

Series: Swapped Marriage
Genre: Body Swap
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Something Old Swapped Marriage Book 1
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.