SugarSwapped Maria

A voluptuous seductress entices a wealthy man into her clutches, teases him and then snatches his body!

Mysterious, seductive, and voluptuous, Maria teases and slowly seduces Darren until he would do anything to possess her for just one night. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that possession is exactly what Maria is after. At the culmination of her seduction, Maria steals Darren's body, leaving him trapped in her own! When Maria (as Darren) announces her intention to marry Darren (in Maria's body) can Darren find a way back to his old life? Or will he fall prey to the pleasures of his new body?

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About the Book

A voluptuous seductress entices a wealthy man into her clutches, teases him and then snatches his body!


Garret Sanders investigates missing people, but after encountering a strange, unbelievable tale of body swapping, he is becoming obsessed with the case. Are there more body swaps out there?


With no case, only a clue from a gossip show, Garret tracks down the newlywed Maria and during the interrogation discovers she is claiming to be the wealthy tomcat Darren Mallory! She describes a slow seduction and her ultimate fall from grace as she swaps from man to housewife. Her tale weaves entitlement, obsession, lust, and maybe even love into one Garret can’t possibly believe. Yet, he is starting to question his own logic. Is Maria telling the truth? Or is she just crazy?

Join Garret as he reviews his latest case file, Maria.

SugarSwapped Maria is a standalone story in the SugarSwapped series. Each story can be read individually for the erotic body swaps or as a series.

With nearly 28k words of mystery and erotic body swapping, Maria will entertain and delight as the thief slowly seduces the wealthy man right out of his body! Includes body swap, teasing, and a series of ever more seductive sex scenes, culminating in the swap. Also includes a special epilogue you won’t want to miss, when Darren discovers his new body comes with the perks of being a woman, but also that the body is fully, functionally, female.

Previous books include:

SugarSwapped Svetlana

Series: SugarSwapped, Book 2
Genre: Body Swap
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SugarSwapped Maria
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.

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