SugarSwapped Svetlana

Body theft, conspiracy, and sexiness combine in an explosive body swap adventure!

A body theft, hot sex, and a mystery organization. A woman thinks her husband is missing because their sex life suddenly improved. A detective stumbles onto an impossible event. And a young woman is far different then she appears, if she's telling the truth.

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About the Book

Body theft, conspiracy, and sexiness combine in an explosive body swap adventure!


Caroline Peterson believes her husband is missing, even though she spent the week making love to him! The best sex of her life in fact which is the problem. Her husband isn’t that good of a lover. So if it’s not him, who has she been making love to? But love is weird and Caroline wants her husband back, so she turns to the best in the business.


Garret Sanders is an expert at finding people. He thought nothing could surprise him, but when Caroline Peterson walks into his office and claims her husband is missing, Garret finds himself in the middle of the strangest and most impossible case of his long career. A case that will take him from a personality changing husband, to a large political donation, and finally to a young woman with an unimaginable story. Is her story true? Or is she a con-artist with an incredible story?


Svetlana is the young woman with a fascinating tale. She claims to be a man! The very Michael Peterson that Garret is searching for, just body swapped with the real Svetlana. And if that’s not enough, she’s now fighting a near irresistible urge…she wants every man she meets. She aches for sex and isn’t sure how long she can hold out. Will she give in and succumb to her desires?  Or is the whole thing a giant fake?

Join Garret as he investigates this impossible situation and stumbles upon what is either the strangest lie or a conspiracy he can’t begin to comprehend.

SugarSwapped Svetlana is the first standalone story in a new series. Other casefile books will follow, each a standalone sexy body swap adventure/mystery. But with an overarching story. Watch the new releases for the next exciting book.

Nearly 25k words of body swapping, sex, and mystery! Includes a body swap between a younger woman and older man, multiple sex scenes involving the swapped, and how a man trapped in the constantly aroused woman’s body handles his new…equipment.

Series: SugarSwapped
Genre: Body Swap
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SugarSwapped Svetlana
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.

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