The Computer Body Swapped Me! A Virtual to Reality Body Swap Story

An advanced virtual reality messes up and sends two users home, to the wrong bodies!

Virtual reality is used for almost any purpose, but humans being human, sex is high on that list. It's supposed to be save though. Ruby and David learn a hard lesson about "supposed to be" when they wake up in the wrong bodies!

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About the Book

Virtual reality goes wrong and leaves David and Ruby body swapped in the real world!

Virtual isn’t supposed to be reality, no matter how advanced the system. David’s normal avatar is swapped for a female one and he finds himself on the sexy end of a delicious chase. After exhausting himself on the villain and the hero, David is ready to return to his normal life.

There’s only one small problem.

It wasn’t an avatar swap, it was a real body swap!

Swapped with Ruby and trapped in her body, David has to deal with the amorous adventures of his roommate. And if that wasn’t enough, Ruby has a surprise for David. She’s married and the husband wants to meet!

Can David survive the shock to his system?

21k story.
Includes gender body swap, MMF FFM scenes.

Genre: Body Swap
List Price: $2.99
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The Computer Body Swapped Me! A Virtual to Reality Body Swap Story
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About the Author
L.M. Gregory

L.M. Gregory is the author of multiple transformation stories in a variety of subgenres.